Toby 1.jpg

Toby McToberson

chief morale officer

Toby (he/him/his) has been providing snuggle services to Moore Edgar Lyster LLP since his adoption by Melissa in 2016. He is an international dog of mystery, having come to Vancouver from the streets of California, with origins he has otherwise chosen to keep secret. 

Toby’s practice focuses on providing a soft head for petting, perky ears for scratching, and alerting the office to the presence of unknown intruders. He is remarkably skilled in popcorn-catching, river-splashing, and squirrel-chasing. His primary interests include sniffing things, claiming territory, being outside, receiving love and attention, and further sniffing things to ensure a thorough understanding of all available scent profiles.

Toby generally attends at the office on Fridays, but please call ahead to ensure his availability.